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Crystals of pure, or very nearly pure, MDMA.
We ran a test kit on those moon rocks, they're 98% pure.
by basshead91 November 28, 2011
A combination of Molly and Amphetamines. Moonrocks are Molly (MDMA) cut with multiple amphetamines to improve the high. Moonrocks usually come in crystal or rock form, and are crushed and snorted. Moonrocks are sold as points, similar to Molly.
"Have you seen my friend Molly?"

"Nah, but I've got some moonrocks we can snort at the party."
by byRoyalty October 27, 2013
an alternative for balls, as popularized by Stephen T. Colbert of the Colbert Report
"Turns out NASA didn't have the moon rocks to put my name on that space node"
by xxZeus-Almighty December 10, 2009
An STD one acquires which generally results in ones gentalia becoming deformed, hideous, and often unrecognizable. Essentially, your dick takes on an incomprehendable alien appeareance, comparable to that of a bizzare alien rock from the fucking moon.
Man, I hooked up with that girl from Burger King. Too bad I didn't wrap it, and by monday my equipment looks like contraband from Apollo 11, and itches hellaciously.I think Darla gave me Moon Rocks.
by BLUE_WATER November 14, 2011
The solid core of pus in a pimple. The moon rock must be excavated for the pimple to recede entirely (not just scraping off the top), although getting to it can be difficult. Once removed, the pimple should excrete a bead of blood mixed with clear fluid, then begin to recede.
The best way to expose moon rocks is to either squeeze the pimple with two fingers in a traditional fashion, or use the tip of a pointy knife to apply pressure below it. Either way, the solid and semi-solid pus should pop cleanly out of the pore.
by 1337nerd421 March 02, 2011
A remarkably stupid person, ignorant with a dash incomprehension.
That woman is a fucking moon rock, i can't believe shes complaining about there not being enough parking while she is standing in a row of open parking spaces.
by sqrjn January 02, 2008
A combination of crack and heroin, usually smoked. Usually low quality, black tar heroin. Sometimes crack is crushed and injected with heroin, also a moonrock.
Moonrocks are a poorer, less-intelligent man's speedball.
by Casey L. Jones July 05, 2006
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