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4 definitions by sqrjn

To insinuate oneself in a deadly or malicious manner, especially in a romantic context. Coined by wes anderson.
The bitch is gas-lining me, little love notes, voicemails, showing up with my friends: I'll probably take her back, go to sleep and die.
by sqrjn May 23, 2008
Dizzy or Sickened, especially by motion.
These beers are making me all Busby Berkeley, I'm about to vomit.
by sqrjn January 28, 2008
To steal or block the access to the male object of your girlfriend's crush. Female equivalent of the cockblock.
"You little scammerjammer I told you I like Dean, go for Hank!" - Venture Brothers
by sqrjn July 10, 2008
A remarkably stupid person, ignorant with a dash incomprehension.
That woman is a fucking moon rock, i can't believe shes complaining about there not being enough parking while she is standing in a row of open parking spaces.
by sqrjn January 02, 2008