a Moodle is a mix of the words 'Man' and 'Poodle', a moodle is a male living form, who girls chose to date just to feel safe.
Allawi: Jennifer Dumped me
Khadim: Baba, your a moodle
Allawi: What the hell is a moodle?
Khadim Well girls like to hug you, take you out to the park, but no one likes to 'do' the moodle.
Allawi: -._-
by Karbalaei Gangster May 27, 2010
a girl who is pretty, outgoing, not selfish and is really down to earth.
Nawh, she is moodles.
by Jordy Insomniac. May 17, 2010
a moodle is a awesome guy that everyone need to stop thining of as a bad thing grow a set and stop calling your friends names
asshole: hes such a moodle for her
girl: ur the biggest asshole ever, go fuck your self
by real girl May 12, 2012
the guy that always hangs out with the girls but never gets laid...
they all went to get a pedicure together but at the end of the day the moodle never got laid....
by carpet-curtans October 15, 2010
To molest with a noodle, especially with one's own noodle, or with a noodle of unspecified origin.

Usage Note: Although the act of moodling is usually unintentional, the verb can convey a connotation of sketch. (See second example.)
At dinner Mariska was dismayed to find, upon glancing at her lap, that she had been... moodled.

So Ryan, do any moodling lately? *wink, wink*
by wandersfar December 16, 2004
A guy who chases a bird for a long time, going on "dates" but never gets laid, by anyone, ever.
Girl: I really like you, lets hang out.

Dameow: Yus i know this great spot, i'll take you to dinner, it will be a-m-a-zing.

Girl: WTF did you just look down my top?!

Dameow: Meow

Girl: Good moodle.
by t-urban May 07, 2010
Man Poodle
He was so hairy, he was a moodle.
by xxamanduhh January 07, 2010
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