A name given to someone who teaches with anger problems. A mooby is somebody who cant control their anger and will yell tell their throat and lungs hurt. Mooby's usually always either have to scream, yell, shout, and to some extent think their a BAMF Gangster. A Moobys blood pressure goes to unheard of highs. A mooby usually has excessive anger problems. The best option is to avoid a Mooby or Moobys at all cost.
In teched Mooby yelled, " Eric! Turn that machine OFF!"
by Don Lee January 16, 2008
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Conj. Man+boobies. Fat boys have moobies. Aka bitch titties.
Whoa, check out the moobies on that fat guy at the pool. He looks like Meatlof from Fight Club.
by Torklugnutz June 03, 2004
Abnormally large male breasts. Created by combining the words 'man' and 'boobies'.

Also known as man titties or man boobies.
"Dude, go get a bra to hold them moobies in."
by hoochiecoochies June 29, 2005
man breasts, boobs on a man
when I'm old, I hope I don't get moobies
by siht May 18, 2003
male boobies
he has moobies down to his ankles
by greenfreakyfrog July 29, 2008
man boobs. usually occurs when the man lacks working out or any physical activity. seen on every fat man.
man 1: damn son u fat.
fat man: no i'm not!!!
man 1: ya you is i can get a good handfull of your titties. those are straight moobies son!
fat man: i hate you! im goign to eat a sandwich and cry!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
man 1: what a fatfuck
by who0ligan January 17, 2006
Moobies are male boobies. Men with flabby pecs
Hey look that man has bigger moobies than me
by Kreena September 24, 2007
Two saggy lumps of fear. One is your old, on account of gravity. Happens when a man either has hormone imbalances (Bitch tits) or is just generally overweight (moobies), the difference being one of no consequence or value. Moobies = tits on a male.
Jiggle, jiggle, here comes Santa Claus! Santa has Moobies!
by Takumashii March 10, 2006

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