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6 definitions by Torklugnutz

Conj. Man+boobies. Fat boys have moobies. Aka bitch titties.
Whoa, check out the moobies on that fat guy at the pool. He looks like Meatlof from Fight Club.
by Torklugnutz June 03, 2004
When at a party, the less pretty people become more attractive due to the departure and rapid pairing off of the more attractive people.
When 2am rolls around and the fat girls are looking tastey, it's because of attritional beauty. Similar to beer-goggles.
by Torklugnutz June 03, 2004
Conjunction of penetration and traction.

During sex, when the vagina dries up. Also, before sex when it is too dry to achieve easy penetration. Essentially, any penetrative act that occurs without an adequate supply of lubrication.
When Roy slid his unlubed dick into Bruce's ass, the penetraction was exquisite.
by Torklugnutz June 03, 2004
Relationship suicide. Starting a fight that ends in a breakup for no good reason.
I was so bored of the relationship that I freaked out over the dishes in the sink and committed usicide.
by Torklugnutz June 03, 2004
contraction of fuck-hole.
Suckle my fuckle
by Torklugnutz May 27, 2004
A shit covered post-anal taint.
After the intense gape session, I looked at her munt with satisfaction and disgust.
by TorkLugnutz November 13, 2009