Moo. A monosyllabic response or rejoinder to connote that the listener is obviously in complete agreement; that the original comment is beyond dispute by rational beings; and hence a longer response is unnecessary.
Speaker #1: President Bush is an idiot.
Speaker #2: Moo.
by Nevada Surr August 29, 2005
This is NOT the noise that a cow makes. This is the MUSIC that a cow makes.
*beatiful melodious music* "moooo... mooooo... moooooo......"
by jimbobjoeshmoe January 05, 2004
expressing a feeling of moo,used by cows
by jonny December 03, 2002
A word that can be used in reply to absolutely anything.
moo moo mooo to you!
by Gumba Gumba March 12, 2004
A sound made by people who are so tired that they don't care if people think they are cows.
Fred: Moo
Sally: Wow! Fred is a cow!
by Derald October 06, 2006
A "moo" is a response or terminology for a made-up or random statement or word made reproaching a question or starting statement that may or may have nothing to with the subject matter at hand. 2 a way of avoidance of truth, or to throw your the questioner off i.e., sidetrack to new thought.
Subject 'A': "Darvskins where were you last night?"
Darvskins: "Back in Amsterdam we didn't think is was polite to put your elbows on your face"
Subject 'A': "What?"
Darvskins: "Moo."
Subject 'A': "Oh. . . Um, okay."
Darvskins: "meow."
Subject 'A': "Stop that!"
by -duskins October 05, 2006
I)A battle cry of the almighty cows, signaling yet another erased segment in space and time.
Cows usually say "moo".
by HolsteinCow May 04, 2003

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