Moo's are the echoings of a cow with no legs as it tries to roll itself over a cliff but cannot because there is a lip to the edge.

Such is the phrase also echoed by the same cow with no legs, or other cows that just so happen to be absent any appendages used for walking, as it rolls around in life awaiting for the butcher to come and turn it into what it already is; ground beef.

This poor, diluted cow forever roams the land, rolling around in an attempt to find shade but is too slow and always ends up in a spot inwhich shade was once there, but by the movement of the sun, is yet another place of heat and hell.

-we are all cows with no legs, forever rolling in an attempt to await for our ever-approaching inevitable end that we can never produce ourselves.-
Moo. Moo I say. Moo I say to you all.
by TheCowWithNoLegs November 28, 2004
The sound a cow makes
Cow: Moo
by Its_True13 November 12, 2015
A cow's lingity
"Moo," said the big black cow.
by Gambit0687 June 06, 2015

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