A girl who keeps correcting my, drewdious, usage of damn. So for her I create the optional (n). To be used with any word that has that dam(n) silent 'n'.
drewdious: Dam(n) it tell me your secret?!?!

monya: The (n) isnt optional because you say so. Grrrrrr.
by drewdious November 15, 2004
Top Definition
Monya is a rare name saved only for the coolest people, naturally. Pronounced like 'ya-mon' backwards, just having that be the way to describe how to pronounce the name is absolutely badass. bc youll be using it often at parties to drunk bitches who often confuse it with various other names..including frank.
yo man isnt monya so freakin chill? oh yeah absolutely monyas the greatest.
by sicstnr January 02, 2011
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