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My friend got called 'Scriptmonkey' by the ICT technicians because of all the scripting he does. This name is actually a hacker term although my friend doesn't do that sort of stuff, the ICT technicians just accuse us of stuff we DON'T do. (Monkey = one hacker, Monkies = group of hackers)
oMG £ooK @ 7H4t 1337 M0nK3y!!
by JigsWithoutWoodstock February 10, 2005
2 14
smelly, squirmy, jumpy, fidgety, lovable, baby Aaron
The monkey made silly noises until the keeper gave him his candy.
by bean June 29, 2004
3 15
A non preverted way to say cock, dick, ect...
Sangrizz: My monkey is long and hard
Estevan: Really? What kind of monkey is it, Spider Monkey?
Sangrizz: Wow...faggot...why dont you go to urbandictionary.com more often. Go into the bathroom and slit your wrists.
by Sangrizz January 27, 2004
8 20
a boy with a structured face what gives hints to relations with a jungle creature. Usually with big ears, and a big pointy lips.
Wipe that smile off your monkey face...
by Chan March 05, 2003
4 16
what all guys in the world should be called. some are so god-damn DUMB! its hard to believe that their of the same species!
Monkey! Get over here with my damn bags cuz i got a hell of a lot more shopping to do!
by Karina M April 01, 2008
1 14
slang for a nigger, or african american. People with big nose and big lips resembling gorilla or chimpanzee family.
"you are talking about that monkey man? psst "

"Porch monkey sneaked in my house and stole my t.v."
by ryandyan September 19, 2007
7 21
Meaning Hairy Vagina
"trying to get to you and that monkey"
by jaydagurl August 17, 2006
8 22