A Big Ass !!!
Damn shake that monkey.
by Taylor November 24, 2003
the butt of a person
do u lyke big monkeys or small ones. i prefer big monkeys.
by dude March 18, 2005
jason and dl sitting in a tre......, your fucking monkeys!
jason beatie and dandel lawrence....making love
by just mr cat... January 11, 2005
Bin Laden
Bin Laden wanna bannana?
by Someone you may never meet October 12, 2003
Hash, pot, spliff, draw.
Shit, I've lost my monkeys.
by Raketemensch September 03, 2003
Monkeys are the sexiest animal alive. They outbeat most men, except for very sexy men. Come on, their long hairy arms are such a turnon.
Ooo we got to go see that movie, it has a monkey in it. And we all know monkey's are sexy!
by SeXxIe BaBe August 11, 2003
That guy looks like a XaK.

by Kevin October 28, 2003

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