Suffix that, when added to a root noun, describes a person who is obsessed with or loves the meaning of the root noun.

-Sometimes the applied word can be figurative.
Ben: Your brother really likes to wank a lot, doesn't he?
Mike: Yeah... he's a real greasemonkey.
by Colonel_Cheesemonkey October 02, 2006
Your dick is your monkey.
And when you spank your monkey its the sound that your pubes make when they hit the girls pubes (like a clapping sound). "My Monkey was so bad, we had to spank him twice". Or when your masterbating the sound of your hand hitting your body on the down stroke. Whap, whap, whap,
by J.Menard August 31, 2006
The most kick ass animal in the world, can be know to throw poo and eat bannanas (also known as a chris)
wow look at that monkey!... AAAAAAGH!! i have poo in my eye!
by pigdog312 July 14, 2006
Used to refer to the female genitalia. In strip clubs women are naked while standing, which forces parts of the female sex organ to hang down "like a monkey".
"Yeah shawty, lemme see dat monkey!"
by Atlien October 26, 2005
slave or go-fer, usually with a descriptor in front
Get your own soda, I'm not your drink-monkey.
by Zhao Ziyang July 16, 2005
Gush is a perfect example of a monkey. Should of been taken back to the zoo a long time ago.
Half evolved species, likes to eat chutney and loves Machool. (A terrorist bomb)
Oh fuck, it's Gush. Stupid monkey, take him back to the zoo.
by Law. March 16, 2005
1. addiction, usually herion or anything that will cause withdrawal... or that you can't quit.

2. obssession or compulsion you can't get rid of.
I gotta monkey on my back.

Everyboydy's got something to hide, 'cept for me and my monkey.
by Mr. Sporades February 24, 2005
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