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Noun: A character of the movie Stargate and the TV show Stargate SG1. He is a main character in, so far, all seasons except for 6.
Adjective: Nerd, geek, archeologist, compassionate, forgiving, dies-a-lot... (see a character profile of Daniel Jackson)
Verb: 1 The act of dieing and coming back to life.
2 The act of making it look as if one is dead and then reappearing very much alive.
Daniel Jackson isn't actually going to die in this episode.
Stop being such a Daniel Jackson!
Wow... I just pulled a 'Daniel Jackson'.
by Sepik June 27, 2006

1.) A nerd,dork, or geek who is obviously very attractive to members of the opposite sex and could very easily get laid if he wasn't painfully shy and awkward.

2.) A character on Stargate SG-1 who really needs to stop screwing around and just fuck Vala already.
"Scott, you're such a Daniel Jackson sometimes, you know that?"

"DAMMIT, DANIEL, SHE WAS WEARING A RED FRACKING DRESS AND LAYING ON THE BED! How badly do you need it spelled out for you?!"
by President Laura Roslin August 09, 2005
The Hottest SG-1 member on Stargate SG-1!!! He has blue eyes, brown hair, and dorky glasses. He's the sexiest nerd on TV and in the world. His Pouty lips will make you quiver and by the end of the day you'll be begging for him to take you home through the gate and hold you in those muscley arms.
I love you Dr. Danny and you're welcome to teach me a thing or two!
by DannysBitch July 19, 2005
Another name for the Whiskey drink Jack Daniels. Only used by people who think they are too damn cool and have to make up slang for everything they say. These types of people are usually found under bridges (a bit like trolls) and can also be found saying thinks like "she aint no J.Lo"

Also shortened to Danny J
"yo bro ill have another daniel Jackson.... on the rocks"

"lets hit another Danny J dude"
by J2theP August 15, 2006
1. That guy on Stargate SG-1 that was all "Oh I'm too important for this show" so he quit but then he came crawling back.

2. That guy that makes Xie piss his pants laughing
"Blha blah blah blah blah, Daniel Jackson" - Teal'c
by Damanda January 06, 2007
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