and 8th of marjuana usually the resin form known as solid or hash
"i have three monkeys you wana smoke?"
insanely hot boy, whose nickname is monkey, you would think this is bad, but in fact, hes just a sexual jaw robber from the ukraine.
i love monkey, uhhhhh femidom.
by chloerose444 April 06, 2009
i cute lil animal that climbs a lot
boy:whats a monkey
girl:a cute animal
by xxxxamyxxxx March 26, 2008
i cute lil animal that climbs a lot
boy:whats a monkey
girl:a cut animal
by xxxxamyxxxx March 26, 2008
a idiotic person. you can call almost every one a monkey it may be your boyfriend or parents or even your teacher this term most commonly describes every one
You are a monkey, why did you do that?
by Alexandra Dolce February 25, 2008
another word for a blunt.
"Lets go smoke a Monkey!" or "Can I hit That Monkey?"
by K-Fam December 09, 2007
Generic exclamation, for use when actual swear words are prohibited. Sometimes used in call centers where swearing might be overheard by customer on the line with other customer service agents, because no one in their right mind would be offended if they overheard the word "monkey".
Customer: I hope you and your entire company go to hell!
Customer Service Agent (smiling): Thank you very much.
Customer: <hangs up>


<Stubs toe.>
"Flying Monkeys!"
by Fishy Bob April 30, 2007

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