A vagina hahahahahahahahahahaha
hey brah, that monkey's got teeth.
by mike oksmall March 04, 2008
The most known definition of "monkey" is the animal monkey; an animal often found in the jungel of Africa.
But we're talking about another explanation of the meaning of the word. Monkey can also be used as an exclamation, like the word blimey. Blimey is used when something happens suprisingly, like when someone's getting jumped from behind.
Monkey is 100 % certainly evolved by a fifteen year old student in Norway. According to the rumours he was playing a computer game, and when things went wrong, he cried "Monkey!".
A guy trimbles over a rock. "Monkey!"

by Lingua August 07, 2006
strange person who likes bananas and was captured by a zooo keeper.
that monkey just threw poo at me!
by Monkey and Zookeeper April 14, 2006
Used to refer to the female genitalia. In strip clubs women are naked while standing, which forces parts of the female sex organ to hang down "like a monkey".
"Yeah shawty, lemme see dat monkey!"
by Atlien October 26, 2005
slave or go-fer, usually with a descriptor in front
Get your own soda, I'm not your drink-monkey.
by Zhao Ziyang July 16, 2005
a term to be used for someone who lacks common sense or is a bit dim-witted. Someone who does all the menial jobs.
I can't be bothered to do this shit, let the monkey do it.
by Gary May 01, 2003
furry mammal found in trees.
hey is that a monkey on your back?
by Anonymous January 28, 2003

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