The most known definition of "monkey" is the animal monkey; an animal often found in the jungel of Africa.
But we're talking about another explanation of the meaning of the word. Monkey can also be used as an exclamation, like the word blimey. Blimey is used when something happens suprisingly, like when someone's getting jumped from behind.
Monkey is 100 % certainly evolved by a fifteen year old student in Norway. According to the rumours he was playing a computer game, and when things went wrong, he cried "Monkey!".
A guy trimbles over a rock. "Monkey!"

by Lingua August 07, 2006
Monkey- Corruption of money
You got any monkey
by Travis Bickle May 12, 2004
A dance involving bending your knees slightly and moving your arms up and down, left-right-left-right, a la the aforementioned primate.

Popularized (sort of) by the old Cartoon Network show "Johnny Bravo" in America, and by "Overman King Gainer" in Japan.
Johnny Bravo says, "Do the Monkey with me! Come on!!"
by Maikeru November 28, 2003
furry mammal found in trees.
hey is that a monkey on your back?
by Anonymous January 28, 2003
The well browned skin on the top of a baked rice pudding.
"Boy! Look at the monkey on that!"
by P Didn't September 25, 2009
To be intoxicated on both alcohol and marijuana at the same time. When under this state the effects of both drugs are amplified, sometimes resulting in a total inability to move due to either relaxation of the muscles or realisation that it's just not worth the effort.
"Lets go get monkey - I got a 10s and 2 six packs"

"I was so monkey that i decided shoelaces were just not worth the effort of tying, I feel over 7 times on the way home"
by JackG. October 11, 2006
Suffix that, when added to a root noun, describes a person who is obsessed with or loves the meaning of the root noun.

-Sometimes the applied word can be figurative.
Ben: Your brother really likes to wank a lot, doesn't he?
Mike: Yeah... he's a real greasemonkey.
by Colonel_Cheesemonkey October 02, 2006

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