A foosball goal scored when a player on one team shoots the ball, and it is rejected by the other team into the original shooter's goal. Derived from a monkey tossing its masturbatory result at an unsuspecting victim.

There are various forms of the monkey toss, including the D-Toss (defender scoring on a toss) and the Bank Toss (a monkey toss that goes off the wall before going into the goal).
Dude, you thought you had the shot but he totally monkey tossed you.
by Haggdogg June 18, 2009
Top Definition
To jizz in your own hand and throw it across the room... preferably toward a small, easily scared animal outside your window.
With the quickness only an expert monkey tosser can have, Gary quickly rubbed one out and chucked it across the lawn at the neighbors dachshund.
by Rock Hardy August 16, 2007
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