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When a monkey comes up and rapes any random person
Out of no where I got monkey raped.
by Anonymous October 31, 2003
when a monkey bends you over and you just sit there and take it yeaaa you like that whispers the monkey you wanna say no but you know you love it yeaa num num.
dude i just got monkey it hurt
Monkey rape is the regrettable practise of a tying a monkey up by his tail and then boning him up the ass.

Can be quite noisy.
Don's neighbors got used to the smell of bananas and monkey poo, and even to the sight of him doing monkey rape on a monkey hanging from his clothesline.

But they never got used to the screaming.
by scodder May 06, 2010
when a person (usually of great martial arts ability) hugs his legs around another person and repetedly punches thier head until great injury occurs.
Jack: Hey! Did you guys see the way that guy monkey raped the other guy durring that awesome fight scene?!
Sam: Yeah! It was totally awesome!
by --Sen October 18, 2006

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