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Could actually be a guys name. Probably 1 of every billion people named monik are guys so when you meet a guy called monik know that you are facing a very rare endangered name for males. Once this name used to be very common for polish Jews (monik is a polish translation for Moses) but since WWII this name has become pretty much 99.99999999 percent girl even through its origins are for polish males.
Wow I met a guy called monik ! He is so cool even through he has a weird name

Hey did you know that monika from friends has a guys name that has been altered to female ? Cool
by Peace warrior June 08, 2013
A timid, German girl who, when exposed to sunlight, will burst into flames due to her almost transparent skin. A sedentary creature, this girl must be coaxed into doing anything that requires physically moving; although once displaced, this girl is occasionally capable of being awesome.
I didn't see Monik today because she's a fucking hermit.
by Spider912 March 12, 2007
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