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Derogatory. Someone who suffers from Down's Syndrome (trisomy 21). Derived from contraction of a now unused description: "Mongoloid features" referring to the bridgeless nose and epicanthic folds of certain far-eastern races.
Jesus man, Maccy D's have got a Jimmy no-stars working at the drive thru' and he's a fuckin' mongo.
by Gezza T April 20, 2003
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In skateboarding, pushing the skateboard with your front foot. If you're normal, you use your left foot, and vice versa for goofy.
The poser skated mongo.
by falc0n November 12, 2003
Mongo is a skateboard pushing style. Mainly used by tools who can't figure out how to skateboard. You push with your front foot instead of your back foot.
Look at that kid harrison over there he pushes mongo!
by xxchiodosxx1128 April 07, 2009
a complete idiot. Moron or a dumbass
"what you did last night was a mongo move." or "nice try mongoe:
by Angelina February 14, 2005
In the construction industry, scrap metal (usually copper) sold by workers for cash and t-shirts.
Wow, clean copper mongo is going for more than 2 bucks a pound!!
by Roberto Jesus June 24, 2006
Mongo as in "humongous". Used to describe something extremely large or important.
I have a mongo test tomorrow.
by Manda February 09, 2005
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