EXTREMEMLY LARGE breasts (pamela lee anderson size) boobs, tits, titties, breasts, ears, whatever u wanna call them....
yoyo son one time afta i was on the bong i saw dis tight biatch wit deez major mongos with gigantic nipplez!
by jaquiescha December 10, 2003
large breasts on a female.
hey dogg this one biatch iwent out with had some titanic MONGOS!!!!!11
by david December 07, 2003
Any discarded object which is retrieved and found interesting anew.
I can't believe we found that mongo painting in the thrift shop, it will be just perfect in our livingroom!
by ward freeman March 08, 2005
term used by jamerson and baller ben cuz of this hottie that was a year younger which jugs like an elephant...
also see TOB for more info
DAmn i wish i could get a piece of those mongos but shes prude
by TOB fo eva December 08, 2004
Cross between a monk and a Ego= MonGo.

A monk devotes himself exclusively to a religious life, and ego itself is self personality.

For me a Man with a ego is a 'Mongo' , descriptions a man who makes his life, religiously making it all about his
very own Ego.
My justice to a very bad man. Ladies and Gentlemen I give you My 'MonGo'
another name, you do not have to say , he is a man with a huge ego, instead you just give them a name (he is a MonGo)
by Ninaness December 30, 2011
The nickname of guy named Max. Given to him by his cousins. When he was a child they thought he had an oversized cranium and he was possibly mentally retarded.
Mongo was so drunk last night he peed his pants.
by Mong E Dee May 19, 2011
The action of using three outstretched fingers (most commonly the middle, ring and pinky finger)and sliding across the top of another individuals head and or hair in a hard forceful manor. Mongos are used to express hate towards a person or just to administer great pain or anguish to another being.
I hate that ar-tard so much I mongoed him and his fat head started to wimper
by Tom (redpill) October 16, 2007
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