sam marino while riding his skateboard
Frodo and Samwaise were seen pushing mongo down the steep hills of the shire
by creamer mc ream April 11, 2009
meaning a lot, a bunch, very, mega and such, large.
I took a mongo fast shower;
I had a mongo long day;
Prom was mongo boring yo.
by Liefde March 14, 2009
a philly word meaning
an asshole
an idiot
a moron
or a dumbass
"dude stop acting like a mongo" or "you're such a mongo."
by supah fly samm February 02, 2008
The action of using three outstretched fingers (most commonly the middle, ring and pinky finger)and sliding across the top of another individuals head and or hair in a hard forceful manor. Mongos are used to express hate towards a person or just to administer great pain or anguish to another being.
I hate that ar-tard so much I mongoed him and his fat head started to wimper
by Tom (redpill) October 16, 2007
Any discarded object which is retrieved and found interesting anew.
I can't believe we found that mongo painting in the thrift shop, it will be just perfect in our livingroom!
by ward freeman March 08, 2005
The name plaved on the Downies who reside in a large casino/*shaft* near Palm Springs in The Sovereign Nation of Mongo.
If you live in the Sovereign Nation of Mongo (Morongo), does that make you a Mongoloid? ..says Chris. No, says April... This makes you a Downie.
by Chris Klink March 07, 2006
I): The act of inhaling large quantities of vaporized Crystal Methamphetamines.

II): An over-sized unit of measurement particularly when used to describe the comparative units of inhalative substances pertaining to Crystal Meth.
Billy "Lets get effed right up, I wanna do mongo tokes till my toes tingles and my hair feels like a hat"

Pino "I dont know if I want to, Jimmy is gonna sketch out, MONGO style."

Armando "Jimmy's cute, I bet he's got a mongo package."

Pino and Billy "SICK MAN, YOUR A MONGO FAG!"
by John Kimbell January 06, 2007

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