In skateboarding, someone who pushes along with there front foot.
Ha! Look at that pathetic kid skatin' mongo!
by Anna July 15, 2004
an insulting term for an asain person, the insult is equivalent to calling a black person a nigger.
(mongo was derived from the term mongoloid, which is one of the 3 types of human beings)
This fucking mongo with narrow eyes cant drive for shit
by Vincent DiGiovanni June 20, 2008
abreviation for Mongolian Barbeque, the greatest food around
wanna go get some food at Mongo after school?
by don't worry December 05, 2002
Stands for Money Or Nothing Goes On.

Originates from Mongo member of UK hiphop group Mud Family.
A Mongo Situation
by Jam December 12, 2003
a Big fat dude that rikes of awesomeness
anyone who is fat but cool like michael jackson
by tony February 07, 2005
The gay way to push off in skating.
HAHAHAHAHAHA. Look at that fag pushing mongo! What a pussy!!!
by BJ Samuels April 03, 2005
The nickname of Aaron Himango, the coolest kid ever. He lives in Prescott, WI. Just don't piss him off because he's 6'2'' and weighs 220 lbs. He's only 16 years old! He likes playing football and lifting weights. KICKASS!
Piss "Mongo" off and get your ass kicked!
by Britt March 06, 2005

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