It's when you push off with your front foot on a skateboard. Apparently only posers push mongo. I don't get why it matters so much which fucking foot you push with.
by Ziggy7 March 11, 2013
The name given to someone who cannot seperate real life from the online. A MONGO typically harasses people, acts like an asshole, makes frivolous threats and pesters honest contributers online.

MONGOs also get very aggressive when their faults are pointed out.
''Dude, stop being an asshole. We don't need you to act like a MONGO and block the guy. He only said "hi".''
by I'mTehKettle July 22, 2006
Anything salvaged from the trash.
Your trash is my urban treasure!
The night before trash day is mongo primetime.

My garden hose is a mongo score. It's in perfect condition!
by mandingoe July 08, 2004
big tits on a girl.
dude this chick had some major MONGOS!!
by bob November 29, 2003
a skate stance in which the person pushes either goofy to ride regular or pushed regular to ride goofy.
skating stances
goofy: right foot stays on while the left foot pushed and you face the left as you ride.
regular: the exact opposite of goofy.
skater1: "dylan pushes mongo"
skater2: "yea i know, theres no point to it."
by EnjoiSkater7594 July 10, 2008
term used by jamerson and baller ben cuz of this hottie that was a year younger which jugs like an elephant...
also see TOB for more info
DAmn i wish i could get a piece of those mongos but shes prude
by TOB fo eva December 08, 2004

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