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(mo-HEE-toe) Rum drink containing lime, mint, sugar, and soda.
To make a good mojito, crush 12 fresh spearmint leaves with half a lime and 4 tsp of sugar. Add 1.5 oz of rum, fill the glass with ice, and top off with club soda. Garnish with mint sprig and lime wedge.
by Lundy July 06, 2005
A Bacardi Rhum drink made qith spearmint leaves, rhum, fizz water and ice
Bartender, gimme a mojito...and yeah I ain't gay but I like my mojito.
by Francois M June 28, 2005
A disgusting flavor of Orbit gum. Not recommended to be tried at all.
Trevor: What flavor gum is that?
Taylor: Dick.
Trevor: No dude, seriously, what flavor is it?
Taylor: Mint mojito.
Trevor: What's mojito?
Taylor: Dick.
by the_waffle May 19, 2010
Synonym for "thank you," usually used to express extreme gratitude.
BONES: Would you like a cold beverage?
TED: Yes. Mojito! Would you care to partake of my floss?
BONES: Mojito!
TED: Bonfire.
by Cold Bones June 09, 2007

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