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A common nickname given for people who are named "Mohammed". It is also used to describe an awesome human who is too good to be true. Other variations of the term are "Moe" or "Mo".
Moe Ali is a great boxer!
Moey is awesome!
by Infliktora August 26, 2009
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A beautiful, perfect, sweet, cute, and funny girl. Someone that you always wanna be around. Someone that doesnt give a shit what people think and will tell a chick off if need be. The perfect girlfriend that everyone should want. A girl that deserves to be treated like a princess.
Ben: This girl i met is perfect
Dover: Oh she must be a moey
by Mattttssss October 18, 2011
having tendencies or acting in a way that a homosexual might; acting like a homo (or mo); adjective form of mo
Andy Dick claims he's straight, but he sure acts moey.
by Ralph Queso November 06, 2006
Moey is a sexy shredded king. His future wife is his world. Moey is from bankstown 187 he is a loyal trustworthy man played and hurt by many girls. Moey is the most protective gentlemen you would ever meet. He is full of surprises, happiness and joy. Moey brings special love to one particular girl. You know who 😉. Moey has abs that so many girls wanna lick. He is the worlds best BOY soccer player and enjoys looking after and protecting his shredded queen.
Moey: 'babe your gonna get me this car'
Moey: 'ilysm bby you mean the world to me'
by Khara187 January 13, 2015
a term used by vitaly* and boris as friendship type of name

-nick name
-made in brooklyn ny

lets smoke some weed =D
by NICHOLLLEEWLDS May 27, 2011
a cancellation on your friends because you dont want to find a ride or want to put in such effort.
John: hey Bill are we still on for this friday?
Bill: umm i dont know if i can find a ride, do you think you could drive to my house and pick me up?
John: come on man! what the hell, dont pull a moey on me!
by Lurkin in the Background October 14, 2009
Old-lady-like; Tendency towards the tastes of an old woman.
Derived from the Cantonese slang word for an old woman: "Ah mo".
That sweater looks moey.
by emelle December 23, 2004

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