when you meet up with someone and kiss and hug them frequently
Girl 1 : yo , did u get special love from mark?
Girl 2 : yeah his special love was awsome
by LOL0893 December 22, 2008
Squeezing your Dong into the Cinnamon Ring of your hot girlfriend, Anal Sex, Mudding.
Kyle: "Hey baby, lets try anal sex."
Maria: "No way, I'm scared."
Kyle: "Why?"
Maria: "Cuz you're so GINORMOUS!"
Kyle: "Don't worry baby, you won't feel a thing." ;)
Maria: "Ok...if you say so."
(27 minutes later)
Maria: "Oh baby! That was some Special Love!"
Kyle: "It sure was....Who wants a Fudgesicle?"
by Veronica F. November 15, 2007

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