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a sitcom on abc which is absolutely hilarious. it's about 3 families, all somehow linked -- and their modern situations. one family is this rich, old guy who has a hot colombian wife who has a chubby son. the rich old guy has 2 kids, a daughter who is a mother with a family (family number two) and a gay son with a partner and adopted chinese daughter (family number three)

this show is brilliant.
I love modern family because it's realistically hilarious.
by maanster June 12, 2010
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A TV show about a family.

Jay, and old rich man, is married to a young, Colombian woman named Gloria. Gloria has her own son named Manny. (Jay would be Manny's step-father)

Jay does have two kids if his own: Claire and Mitchell.

Claire is married to a real-estate agent named Phil. Claire and Phil have three kids: Haley- the oldest. Alex (girl) is smarter than Haley and Luke- the youngest who is quite dumb like Phil.

Mitchell is gay and has a partner named Cameron. Now, obviously, since they are both men, they can't have their own child. So the adopted a Vietnamese baby named Lily (she's about 5+ now)
Kid: Did you catch that episode of Modern Family last night!

Kid 2: YES! It was awesome- Cameron is totally my favorite!
by CriminalMinds01 July 09, 2014
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the reason to watch tv on wednesday.since all the other networks suck on has crap like american idol and now the x factor,cbs has csi which is pretty washed up now,nbc has law and order(also washed up),and the cw has america's top model
the show is somewhat like the office(mockumentray style) but its based on three families somewhere in southern california.
oh... i almost forgot THIS SHOW IS HILARIOUS!!!!
Modern Family dominates Wednesday nights in America on TV.
by modernfamilyfan September 22, 2011
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Referring to something that a family member has done that reminds you of the show Modern Family, particularly something embarrassing or ridiculous. Shortened: MoFam
Geez Dad! You’re so Modern Family!
by Very Unique November 29, 2010
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A once excellent sitcom which has unfortunately plummeted to mediocrity over the last season or so. Still, it's probably the best American TV show on right now.
Modern Family is far superior to The Big Bang Theory.
by WhovianTrekker July 26, 2016
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A family with only Apple products, and no Windows nor Samsung products. Does not include TV.
You guys are a modern family.
by Fru Dejj Grueve May 26, 2016
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