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The British and Australian term for cell phone.
I'll call you on my mobile.
by Natalie Joy May 25, 2007
32 20
Mobile is strictly for those blessed by God to be born in a zip code beginning with 366. The birthplace of Mardi Gras, Jimmy Buffett, and Hank Aaron. High school frats and sororities. Situated perfectly between the water and the woods, no town in America can approach the undeniable superiority that Mobile exudes. New Orleans, Savannah, and Charleston may be pretty cool- for a weekend, but none of them can match the sheer greatness of Mobile and its citizens. So wear your Costa del Mar's, top siders, and Barbour jacket proudly. Drive your Tahoe through the intersection of Old Shell and McGregor, and have a cold beer from your ice chest and put it in a hugger at the Dick. Spend your entire winter break at Pat and DD's just because you can. And always remember, you are better than everyone anywhere else without exception, and if they beg to differ, ask if their town has a battleship? DIDN'T THINK SO.
Where is the most perfect city in the south?

Mobile of course!
by arc1986 March 22, 2011
28 17
having a car & being able to drive places .
Can be referred to if your dealer can drive & deliver places . (:
amy ; "ayyyy, you mobile? i needa dub !"
mac ; "yeah , where you at ?"
by potheaaaad;) April 28, 2010
4 3
Term used by amateur radio operators to denote that the operator is driving in the car. When operating morse code, amateur operators send an abreviated "/M", which comes out sounding exactly like "shave and a haircut, three bits."
kr9uz de nz4fk/m. just slammed into a parked car. must stop transmitting code from the /m. sk kr8uz de nz4fk k
by a pseudonym April 06, 2004
11 12
A codename for virgin, originating from "Virgin Mobile."
Person 1: "Are you mobile?"

Person 2: "Um.... Yeah?"

Person 1: "Haha!"
by Nature-Spirits_Ever May 23, 2012
0 4
gay ass nathong ......................................
nathong is gay...thats y his name is gangster mo bile
by Salmus September 01, 2006
1 12
The best city in the United States of America. Home to the select few people who make this country not collapse such as the several people who found a real leprechaun and Antoine Dodson who is currently protecting the whole town from a rapist.
A: Watch this news video from Mobile, Alabama. It's amazing.
B: Of course it is. Mobile is the funniest and greatest place ever.
by RomeDome August 02, 2010
18 35