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MoPo is short for the "morning poop".
I'm like clock work! I wake up. Wash up. Sit in front of my computer and then I have to go and take my MoPo.
by SupaMD June 25, 2007
MoPo short for Master Of the Painfully Obvious. An awesome web-site for awesome people! http://forum.mopo.ca/index.php
MoPo has an arcade, a forum, news, a lottery, betting, jobs, radio, & a shop.
by Cocktail Sauce #1 April 02, 2009
"Make Out Peace Out" When a girl makes out then leaves with no exchanging of information or phone numbers.
"How many Mopo's did you get tonight?"
by Ensues December 13, 2009
when a girl (or guy) make out and then pass out right after
We asked her if her hookup classified as a mopo.

The night is so much better if you mopo

I was so drunk last night I think I did a mopo. But I can't remember.

Was it a bad decision?

How can it be a bad decision if it was a mopo.

Wow, we had such a good mopo last night
by dawgy j April 03, 2010
A pubic hair that has escaped and found itself on your keyboard at work.
Guy 1: What just fell out of your nose onto my keyboard?
Guy 2: I don't know
Guy 1: Ewwwww it was a MOPOS
by Celebrity's Cousin April 20, 2011
n. Mounted police force, such as in NYC, Providence, RI, etc. Var. spelling: mo' po'
by wayfarer April 27, 2005
the military police; those whom rape the high schoolers for speeding
fuck tha mo' po'
by andyfellovernet April 07, 2003
A police officer on a motorcycle
"look," proclaimed Tyrone. "It's a Mopo."
"I thought I smelled bacon," replied Rufus.
by Dre Savage April 21, 2006