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The hair that is left out to cover the tracks of a sew in to blend with the extensions.
Shakrishaniyah's leave out is not blending well with her weave. I can totally tell that aint her hair.
by AnnaMae December 06, 2013
Mo-Ho is a new synonym for Fag Hag and Fruit Fly and is gaining popularity within gay/gay-friendly communities.

Mo is short for Homo
Ho is...well...ho

It is common for females to dislike being referred to as a Fag Hag because typically Hags are old, ugly, and wrinkly. Fruit Fly is also disliked at times as it is homonymous with insects of the drosophila genus (i.e. drosophila melanogaster)
Anna - God, Rachel...you're such a fag hag!
Rachel - I am not a hag! I am a moho. Get it right, tool!
by Annamae July 01, 2007

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