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2 definitions by T-Rock1990

Term used in ones away message to tell his SOCOM friends that he is on socom, but normal people don't have a clue what he is talking about. The term 'Mocos' is 'Socom' backwards and can also be modified for mor detaild such as 'Z MOCOS' for Socom 2 and 'E MOCOS' for Socom 3
DuKe18742: Hey Whats Up
call the cell
by T-Rock1990 July 17, 2006
Words used by people on aol and message boards which used to be nerdy now people use it to try and be funny when 83.7 times out of 100 they arent.
Nerd: sn4p w3 ju5t pwnz0red som n00bs in c5
We just owned those beginners in Counter Strike

Non Nerd Trying to Be funny: w4nt 2 go 2 teh m411 t0d4y?
Want to go to the Mall today
Non Nerds friend: lol theres too many nubbys there lol
(hahaha your leet speak is funny but i dont want to go because its packed today hahaha)

Wow I want to punch that kid at school he used leetspeak too much its getting annoying.
by T-Rock1990 July 16, 2006