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The act of jumping a fence and beating the ass of someone at least 8 inches taller and 50 pounds heavier than you while wearing sandals.
Zack totally gave Greg the Miyagi last week.
by Pinguino Libre March 28, 2007
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1. The old man from The Karate Kid, teaches the kid, Daniel, to fight real good.

2. Any asian male that acts like he know a lot, but really doesn't.

1. " Mr. Miyagi is a BAMF in The Karate Kid"

2. "I hate that kid, he's such a Miyagi"
by Ace8904 January 31, 2008
When your getting head from a girl and your holding in a fart, you release your fart while donkey punching the girl at the same time and exclaiming "hyyyyyaaaaa!" To save embarrasement
Andrew pulled a mean miyagi to save face
by ancal miyagi October 20, 2010
I type of sexual position it which an old chiniese man, who also happens to be an expert in Karate, tea bags an ungainly and ugly american boy. This act can also be performed with a small mexican man by the name of pedro.
1. "Man Jon is getting properly miyagid by that old man."

2. Sarah watched on helplessly and Pedro started to Miyagi her boyfriend hard.
by WATO..WATO September 03, 2009
When a guy is standing up behind a girl banging her up the ass, and right when he is about to cum, he gives her a roundhouse to the face, such as would be learned by Mr. Miyagi.
Jim had Pam bent over the desk at the office, and was hittin it from the back, when he gave her a Miyagi to the chin. It knocked her out, so he didn't have to cuddle after.
by B-Fresh June 05, 2006
Too have a mouthful of rotten teeth with shocken breath to go with it
Look at Lal and Shaggy. What a couple of Miyagi's
by Sloppy Hole May 04, 2005
To have rotten teeth. A Miyagi is someone who has baked beans in their gums.
ARRGGHH Miyagi. Yeh rotten teeth.
by Mongobucket May 03, 2005

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