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A particularly watery bowel movement which can last for up to 5 hours depending on how much there is to dislodge. This can be brought on my many foods and drinks, to name key contributors would be : Slush Puppies, Porridge, Gravy, Burger King's Chicken Royale, Dirt, Blueberries, Custard and Large amounts of Tobassco sauce.

Some people have to go to hostpital after this happens because the bowel movement releases some parts of the vital organs.

There are 3 types.

Straight: Comes out quickly and is released all is one moment.

Squirter: Squirts over the toilet seat and beyond, ruins bathroom fixtures.

River: Flows in fits and bursts like a river. Lasts longer than the other two usually.
1. Nathan Just let go off a real Mr.Slushy, he was quickly rushed to hospital.

2. "Everyone out the room, I have a Mr.Slushy coming!"

3. "Don't eat the Chicken Royale, Don't risk the Mr.Slushy."
by WATO..WATO September 03, 2009
I type of sexual position it which an old chiniese man, who also happens to be an expert in Karate, tea bags an ungainly and ugly american boy. This act can also be performed with a small mexican man by the name of pedro.
1. "Man Jon is getting properly miyagid by that old man."

2. Sarah watched on helplessly and Pedro started to Miyagi her boyfriend hard.
by WATO..WATO September 03, 2009

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