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A private high school in San Jose, CA that has outstanding academics and extra-curricular activities. It WAYYY better than schools like Bellarmine and St. Francis.
Did you see the basketball game last night where Mitty kicked Bellarmine's ass?
by hafjklfjkasdhf September 18, 2008
combo of man and titties
a man having enormous breasts as if he has female tits
jeez Javier you have some big mitties look like some DD's
by jstepp November 21, 2007
man titties. Man breasts due to being either really fat or doing roids.
That dude has some gigantic mitties. He should lay off those double quarter pounders.
by cc70192hs September 07, 2009
when a man is so fat that he has breasts or "titties"
"that guy's so fat he's got mitties!"
by maria v July 18, 2005
An incredibly intelligent man whose been sought out by many as the balance of all skills.

Similar words to describe "Mitty":
strong, intelligent, romantic, witty, suave, fast, dangerous, funny
Every morning I wake up to praise my god, Mitty.
by The Writer July 24, 2003
a combination on the words man and titty to express a man with boobs.
wow look at that fat ass over there with the mittys
by Chelsea Renae July 29, 2005
means average, roots of the word cum from a cross between the words pretty n mingin. is a term mainly used to describe ppl.
Cindy: that guy ova there is checkin me out, u think i shud go ova??
Tapps: nah dont bova hun, hes mitty!
by Tapps n Cindy January 27, 2005