A sex move involving all five fingers. Four in the stink, thumb in the pink.
I was sleeping and some creeper snuck in the room and mittened me. Ouch.
by CollyG September 12, 2009
The soft furry thing between a woman's legs.
She don't look much but I heard she had a nice mitten
by Mittenking December 15, 2003
a ridiculous way to hide your drunken mistakes
After he wrecked his bike in a drunken stupor, he came to work with "mittens" on
by AJ mittens March 31, 2014
Mittens is a term used for infant mice. Like a baby goat is called a kid as a baby dog is a puppy.
MOM!!!! Can I please, PLEASE!!! get a mitten for my birthday!!! They are so cute!!!

Why of course not!!! Those animals are vile! My goodness young man! You should know better than to let some mittens into this house anyway!!

by Mittens, mittens, baby mouse. March 30, 2010
A term used to describe tits. When a group of people is in search of getting some or wanting to see boobs they use this term.
"I need mittens tonight." Blake
"Dude, calm down. Mittens will eventually pan out, maybe not tonight, but mittens usually occurs." Aidan
by MittenMaster April 25, 2011
a name usually used to refer to scene kids.
best used when scene kids are spotted in the city and people want to judge them and laugh at them
but want to use a code word.
so they use mittens!
"omg look at those mittens, they've got hell ugly piercings!"
by shlambam. October 13, 2008
A slang term used to describe a man's testicles.
"Suck on deez Mittens!"

"Dave got kicked right in the mittens!"
by Oliofreak March 27, 2008
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