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Adj. To describe someone utterly cute, adorable, sweet, and warms you outside-in - like a pair of mittens on fluffy bunnies. awwww power!!
Jammy is SO mittens ^_^
by JeSuisSteph March 27, 2008
1. someone who has great fortune in avoiding bad things, often to the dismay and envy of others. Often replaced for 'Jammy Git'

2. someone born with ridiculously good looks and personality, and who is TOTALLY mittens and doesn't realise it!!

3. A round biscuit/jam combination, who i love the makers for.

2. You're such a jammy dodger. :)

3. Hand me over that jammy dodger, NOW!!
by JeSuisSteph March 27, 2008
An underground cave where bunnies go and rave.
Bunny1: Are you going to bunnyopolis tonight?
buuny2: Hell yeah, I'm in the MooOOooOOOod for dancing! :P
by JeSuisSteph March 27, 2008
'bitterbits' is the name given to someone whose 'bits' are bitter in taste.
I don't think I'll call Janie, she turned out to be a bitterbits.
by JeSuisSteph March 27, 2008
A descendant from the word "geek", meaning 'total' geek or extreme geek-ish behaviour.
Janie is such a geekian.
by JeSuisSteph March 27, 2008
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