to have sexual intercourse with a pudding
Mitchell: Man i had a wicked good time last night with that puding.
by Eric Parsons May 29, 2008
Their smiles are so beautiful.
The most perfect boy in the world and can make you happy with everything he does. Being around him is the best feeling in the world and his hugs are the best. If you ever get a mitchell, never let them go because they are the most perfect boys ever.
Person 1; Who's that boy? He's so beautiful.
Person 2; That's Mitchell.
by MissShaddix July 14, 2012
Mitchell is the bastard son of Zues and is an only child in his mortal family. This guy is a god among men. His awesomeness causes chuck norris to drop to his knees and bow down. Women have Wet Dreams about having a Wet Dream about a day with Mitchell. His Penis is 9 in. exactly but can still please a woman better than a man with a foot long rod. Awesomness pumps through his veins everyday and will turn anything his blood touches into pure energy. Overall
Dude, holy shit, that was Mitchell
by emefircus October 28, 2010
A sexy orgasmic man who loves female reproductive system. Has lots of sexy time a.k.a. man whore and probably the best in the world in bed especially the beatle position. The mostfit and accecible person will ever meet and is always there to help you
mitchell i want to have sex with u
by mitchell is fiter November 15, 2010
A boy who is so amazing no one can stand to be around him for too long because he is just that amazing. Every time you see him you say DAYUMMM<3 and those butterflies keep on coming. His laugh you just cannot resist. He's the reason i wake up every morning. His blue eyes are more beautiful than anything i've ever seen.
That's Mitchell
Whoa... he's so hot.
by skhgoaiwe October 27, 2010
The most amazing person in the world.

Great sense of humour.

Amazing body.

Eyes that you can't look away from.
Lovely lips.

A good person.

Someone you can't live without.
Someone that can brighten your day
with a smile or a hug.
That does really cute things.
Computer geek, but still cute.
Girl 1: I love my boyfriend so much!
Girl 2: Do you have a Mitchell?
Girl 1: Yeah, how did you know?
by MrsChubs. July 24, 2011
The sweetest kid you could know, he has the biggest heart, but has become the person he is today through tough times. He as beautiful dark skin brown hair an amazing brown eyes. He also loves to hang with his best friends, an regular sleeps at their house, mitchell will start a fight an only stand up for what he believes in.
The guy over their is really down to earth
Well he must be a Mitchell.
by Futsalfreak May 09, 2011
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