A small horse, or a group of white trash rednecks.
#1:Is that a Mitchell?
#2:Aren't Mitchells the small horses?
by TerryD September 08, 2010
A overall good person who is short, funny likes video games and is good to his girlfriend- Cailey.
Guy:Hey Mitch, You still Going out with Cailey?
Mitchell: Yea, we're planning on kids!
by CJ-Troller May 31, 2015
A nap taken at any time during the day. Can last for a few minutes or a few hours.
Jesse was tired after work and decided to take a Mitchell
by Captain Crisco September 01, 2008
Man whore. Small dick big mouth. Sleeps around and eats pussy for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Look at him he's such a Mitchell! Hoebag
by momo&yebsi March 28, 2015
A short, angry person. Sometimes referred to as "Trollop". Extremely hostile, and will most certainly rip the head off of anyone that disobeys her. Mitchells tend to gather in dark wooded areas. When approaching a Mitchell, use extreme caution as they are quick to anger and very dangerous.
Help, I am being attacked by a rabid Mitchell!
by Asian78 January 15, 2014
Great guy, wonderful husband, just too small to please a woman
hes such a mitchell
by jennyishot January 09, 2015
To veer off course violently. The phrase comes from Mitchell Johnson, Aussie Test bowler who regularly gets panged around the park by opposition batsmen due to him bowling the ball down the left, down the right, anything but straight.
I was driving down the motorway and the back right tyre went causing the car to Mitchell across 3 lanes and end up on the grass verge.
by Take the urn home January 20, 2011

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