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A nap taken at any time during the day. Can last for a few minutes or a few hours.
Jesse was tired after work and decided to take a Mitchell
by Captain Crisco September 01, 2008
To veer off course violently. The phrase comes from Mitchell Johnson, Aussie Test bowler who regularly gets panged around the park by opposition batsmen due to him bowling the ball down the left, down the right, anything but straight.
I was driving down the motorway and the back right tyre went causing the car to Mitchell across 3 lanes and end up on the grass verge.
by Take the urn home January 20, 2011
A homosexual who loves LARGE HAIRY PENIS.
Ew! Did you see those two guys kissing? They're such mitchells.
by alsdksaldks January 19, 2012
A back stabbing heartless bitch that will leave you without a goodbye. He will become one of the greatest friends and leave. Watches a lot of gay porn. But has a tiny dick. But still a pretty laidback asshole. the circumfrence of it is aproximetly 45 feet.
"I was in bed with mitchell and i swear, he had no dick whatsoever and his asshole was bigger than my head."
" where is mitchell, i havent seen him in years."
by Tyler Laxintosh January 13, 2012
A horny little boy with raging hormones. Usually preys on younger girls. All he wants is some ass.

Stop being such a mitchell and leave those little girls alone.
by little animal September 15, 2009
To Mitchell is to fart (or shart) oneself at an inopportune or inappropriate time in a public setting. Generally, its a noxious and offensive gas and the perpetrator is usually unaware of implications of his action(s).
Who just Mitchelled themselves in the middle of the bar? Jay, was that you?
by ndube50 April 10, 2010
mitchell is the worst name you can have for a boyfriend, its embarrassing and some times hard to pronounce. mitchells tend to NOT be hench. They like to leed girls on and use them for rebounds. they are so ungreatful and usually are hard to get on with. they start pointless fights and like to think they are better then everyone. Mitchells never realise how lucky the are to have a girl untill its gone. They appear really nice and charming to girls but can suddenly stop a relationship in a second. They chose butterz girls over pretty ones. FML i hate mitchells....
dayumm, he broke my heart

must have been a mitchell.....
by hatemitchells November 15, 2010