An error or fault or deficient knowledge
I made a huge mistake breaking up with my girlfriend Hope.
by Joshua Cunningham April 18, 2005
See marriage.
Our marriage was a mistake.
by Soul Harvester October 29, 2013
a female side of beef
I would like to order some of your mistake, please.
by Smite Havoc June 09, 2006
Barack Hussein Obama, also known as Barry Soetoro, was a horrible mistake.

Fact: Obama is the worst president in USA history.
obama is purposely collapsing the USA economy and making Americans poorer. Seriously, obama was a horrible "MISTAKE"!
by G0D-2012 July 14, 2011
When you fuck an ugly bitch then come in her pussy, so then, later, you realize the condom has broken.
Nigger: This bitch is ugly, but Ima fuck the living hell outta her anyway.
Bitch: ohhh yeahhh, yeahhhh... coming together
Nigger:... yaeaahh... yeahh... yes.. shockeduh? WTF?!
by Toronto Raptors January 30, 2008
Bob- i voted for Obama

Bob- damnit that was the nigger?, what a "mistake".
by Kain Rize July 01, 2009

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