That girl who is just so fucking perfect in every way.

Every guy falls in love with her from the minute they see her, with her long straight chocolate brown hair and gorgeous bright blue eyes.

This girl is UNFORGETTABLE. She's the reason you're failing school - the reason you can't focus in anything you do.
You know you'll never be with a Miriam. She's just too fucking perfect for you.

No, she's not a slut - but she's not prude either. She's just waiting for the right guy. Her standards are high so you know she'd never go for you - and it hurts.

Once you get to know Miriam, you see she's not only gorgeous - she's insanely smart, creative, and funny. She has the best personality ever. Pure amazingness.

This girl is the shit.
John: Ugh, we have Math next.
James: Wtf man, miriams in our class.
John: Oh right! Fuck yesss, Math!
James: Bro you'd never get a Miriam
John: If I can't get Miriam, I don't want anyone. Just shoot me now!

Susan: I'm so fat! Why can't i look like Miriam??
Hanna: I know, right? Gosh, she's just so perfect.
by hiw0r1d January 09, 2012
Literally the best of the best. Knows how to handle her bestfriends at all times. There's no other like her. She can be dumb and smart. She's gorgeous and lucky. No one can compare to her. You're lucky if she's in your LIFE!She's just simply the best.
Miriam why are you so awesome !
by Miriamisthebest February 12, 2015
The most amazing girl you will ever meet. She can be perky, funny, and a great friend while also being a total bitch at the same time. She the most beautiful deep brown eyes that match her soft, curly hair. she goes by mimi. Her smile can make you fall in love with her instantly. Many people are mean to her, but they don't know what they are missing by being this girls friend. Her laugh is like angels singing and her voice is beautiful. She's short and wears the cutest clothes and often try's to hard, but makes it out ok in the end. you desperately want to kiss her and you know when she wants to do the same to you, but you just can't form the words. If you have a girl like this in your life, never let her go. She is the best thing that will ever happen to you.
Friend 1: Miriam is so weird
Friend 2: F u she's amazing!
by thejmansimpson January 12, 2015
the hot bitch in your class that all the guys like but never end up with and always go home with their right hand
Guy: Damn Mommy
Miriam: ;)
by jimmytestosterone July 15, 2016
An extremely sassy girl who despises everything, with a handful of exceptions. However, she only 'sort of' hates the things she doesn't totally despise, which is everything else. She's super quiet whenever you wanna talk to her, mainly because she doesn't want to talk to you. Ever.

Seriously, she doesn't want to talk to you.
You: "Hey!... Hey?"

Miriam: "*mumble mumble*"

You: "What?"

Miriam: "Ugh, nevermind."
by Mr. Justin Case February 27, 2013
Annoying little short girl that loves to play with guys feelings, thinks she's cool but has no friends.
Look Miriam is hanging out with that gay guy Felipe
by Moy June 17, 2015
A '"Miriam" is an Irish slang term,Originated in Wexford,for an annoying,ugly woman who tries too hard.These women typically think they are a lot more important that they actually are,have high society friends when they dont,are convinced they are always right and intellectually superior to anyone else,particularly any male,and always need the have the last word on anything.They typically remain single throughout their entire lives.
"hey,home come your aunt never married,is she a dyke or something?"
"no,she's just a complete miriam,her ugliness and arrogance frighten men away.She thinks she's always right and above judgement and probably doesnt shave her armpits."
"Dude,thats disgusting".
by Wezsez April 17, 2008
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