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A beautiful and unique name that is typically given to a stunning and elegant female, and sometimes a handsome man.
Joslyn is a beautiful name and you are a attractive woman.
by marble skin March 29, 2009
i cant even explain how sexy joslyn is. shes a beautiful, sweet babygirl who everyone loves and all the girls want to be her. you would be stupid to not wanna be her boyfriend
joslyn is so FUCKING HOT bro!
by sexybitch1234567654 August 23, 2011
Joslyn is a gorgeous girl who loves to make other people happy. She has a hard life but she has friends to help her, &me her best friend. She is halrious and up beat, she'll never let you down. Loves techno&kandi. Amazing singer and dancer, but very low self esteem.
Man that Joslyn makes me smile all the time!
by Meowmeowmeow2323 July 23, 2011
A beautiful maiden thats what it seriously means people
Guy1: wow who is that girl?!
guy2:thats Joslyn

Guy1:her name is SO fitting
by pinkloveskull01 August 14, 2012
A name associated with the formation of kick ass new terms for lame people, such as asstard. Never to be confused with a cockatit.
Man, that guy over there really pissed me off! I would have told him off, but Joslyn wasn't here to teach me new insults.
by winston1863 November 18, 2010
As stubborn as a mule, rugged as a moutain sheep, and smart as an elk.

A girl who wears only bags from bag stores. She mostly eats full-fat mayo and butter...but also likes to eat eggs and spaghetti, but only when the spaghetti is cooked enough that it sticks to her kitchen wall. She is lanky as fuck and blind as a bat. She peaces hard when drinking at a bar, as her pillow is very enticing. She also only uploads photo's of her friends that are ugly, or only have their limbs present.
Wow, your as Joslyn as a mule
by Couchface and nasty-nast May 12, 2009
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