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The most amazing, fantastic, funny, smart, fun to be around chick on this earth.
1. If im not with Miriah, then im not having a good time.

2. Without Miriah, i would be nothing.
by Qdizzel February 26, 2010
aka Mooriah aka heffer
Woman who loves TJ and cats......has a big booty
Miriah Martin`
by Dufu and Libo November 14, 2003
(n.) 1. a pear shapped, ugly woman w/ a big honkin nose...

2. a swear word only 2 be used in extream situatons describing the ugliness of a person
Ugh look at that Miriah, she's gonna make me go blind
by al caholic June 01, 2003
(n.) an ugly woman w/ an etreml large nose.
2. a swear word describing an ugly person, only 2 b used in situations of etreme ugliness
"Ugh look at that Miriah* i think im gonna vomit!"
by al caholic June 01, 2003
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