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Soem copmayn in Washintgon wehre peolpe maek sotfwaer but can't sepll wroth shit.

See Microsoft.
Hey Jamus! Didja heya? Unca Billy-Bob's secun cousin is ova thar workin fer Mircosoft.
by karlthepagan January 10, 2004
A jungle DJ from bfe (Spokane) who just might be asian if it weren't for his partents both bein white.
"Who's that fuckin gimp jumpin around on the empty dancefloor?"

"Oh, that's Notorious Abe. He can't dance, but he can spin."
by karlthepagan January 10, 2004
1. Any discussion which speculates that homosexual relations were engaged in by any of the male Hobbit characters in any Lord of the Rings films or novels.

2. Any uncomfortable or unseemly discussion among peers.

3. Litteral. The interjection used to interrupt discussions of the above.
1. "That's right at the end of Return of the King Frodo's sittin in the bed and Merry and Pippin jump right in and get it on! Then Sam and Gimli show up and just sit there and watch the whole thing."

"Hey shut up man! That's fuckin hobbit talk."

2. "Yeah sometimes late at night I can hear my parents doin it."

"OH YUCK! Quit that hobbit talk!"

3. "Hey did you haear about Sarah goin down on your bud..."

by karlthepagan January 10, 2004

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