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Not Invented Here

The German art of humiliating any technology, agricultural product, or (medical) scientific work that has not been ivented or produced in Germany, Switzerland, or Austria.
If a second-hand Volkswagen is more expensive than a Volvo, you must be in a country suffering from NIH syndrome.
#nih #nih syndrome #not invented here #germany #technology
by Auf September 14, 2006
national institute of health (in bethesda MD)
I live near NIH
by Anonymous May 02, 2003
a sound made when you cannot be bothered to do something.
i have 150 things to do before 5pm... nih
by xrs December 21, 2003
A word that can be substituted for any noun, generally used as a shortened form of "nigga"
1: sup nih'?

2: Nm nih bout to grab some food hbu?

1: Bout to fuck this nih' up, stole my weed
#nigga #national institute of health #bro #noun #nig
by MrDr Delicious September 27, 2011
An exclamation generally used to express mild irritation or annoyance, though at times can also be taken more seriously.
Similar to meh.
- Can I pet your dog?
- Well I don't want to.
- How about if I poke your dog instead?
- Well now I'm going to poke you...
Stop that.
by Paul O'Neill July 02, 2004
a word to express disgust, a cry of absurdity. in place of the word no.
do you like girls?

is billy woods real?

i have nih friends.

do i have cancer?
well actually i do. but nih.

#nih #word #girls #friends #billy woods
by Billy Woods. October 25, 2007
a word used as slang for nice... it came from a far removed imitation of Borat, and is now used as a part of everyday language to many.
You wanna go to dinner later?

How do i look in this dress?
#nice #niceee #sweet #yes #for sure
by Kobe BryIIIINT April 18, 2007
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