a man with no balls
u look like a mira
by charle chizum March 15, 2004
Top Definition
Wonderful, peace, prosperous, astonishing;

Full of womanly charms and hard to resist. At the very first glance, will look like the girl every man falls in love with.

The epitome of romance, full of compassion and empathy. Very intuitive, artistic, feminine, mystical and sensual. Has a natural sense of rhythm and grace in body movement that makes her fabulous and intoxicating in bed.
all the blondes have no chance when Mira walks in.
by d spence February 13, 2010
Mira is spanish for look, But we use it for slang to mean "yo".
Mira ven echa pa'ca.
(Yo, come here and listen.)
¿Mira, qué tù haces?
(yo, what you doing?)
by La Rósa Boriqua April 22, 2003
derived from the Spanish name 'Mireya'
meaning: Miraculous.
Mireya origin: Spanish

meaning: A wonderful miracle.
Mira origin: Latin
"Ey, damn. She everything a man could want in a lady. Be calling her Mira"
by latino rep September 05, 2007
one of the best friends anyone in the world could ask for.

this girl is usually the smartest in her class but doesn't it show it out of respect for others. she takes time out of her schedule to tutor others and blesses others with her presence and hot body. One thing that should never be forgotten is that she has the best body out of every girl. shes got the curves any man wants and the waste line size all girls want. She makes every girl jealous but they cant help but love her. She intimidates teachers because she's just that awesome.

If you know a mira dont let a day go by where she doesnt know she is loved, and the most beautiful, smart, kind, and sexy girl in the world.

Because that is everything that Mira is.
"Did you see Mira over there?"

"Yes! shes so hot that i jizzed and felt the urge to join a religion at the same time!"
by MiraLover95 May 02, 2013
Mira is a extremely lovable girl. Mira's are usually the smartest in their class and will go to extreme lengths to show it. Mira's are loyal people and when given a chance, could grow to be your bff.
Oh my gosh! Mira is amazing!!!!!!!
by M24rox May 29, 2016
A true mira-cle if you meet her,she's one in a billion. She literally makes your heart skip a beat and is always very nice. Nevertheless don't ever pass up getting to know a Mira.
Mira does mira-cles (:
by It might be me March 20, 2016
a reckless driver; especially someone who rear ended you
Stop being a mira and drive like a sane person.
by ponybony99 June 01, 2015
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