a fren that you can always count on for a fun girls nite out and who will drag you to go clubbing with her even u only had "an arm and leg". and she will always talk about "boys"
damn, im feel like partying tonite, where is a mira when i need one?
by Ilaisa May 12, 2004
(v.) when someone facebook comments you back within the same minute you commented them
Colin K raping a facebook
is just as illegal as a person.
2 minutes ago ·

Mira Joy Laybhen wtf??
about a minute ago ·
by Amberlicious0314 December 25, 2009
A monstorous troll who stands a mighty 6 feet tall and weighs over 200 pounds. Usually found under bridges or in dumpsters, but occasionally will pop out of nowhere to devour its victims.
It usually is green and very grotesque witha receding hairline and very big feet. Its diet consits of mainly young human boys and horses. Its mating call sounds somewhat like a old constipated man.
""OHHH MYYY GODDD" a Mira just tried to bite me."

A wild Mira has appeared.

The monstrous Mira just tried to eat my horse but Dolev saved it.
by smeagle lover July 06, 2011
a man with no balls
u look like a mira
by charle chizum March 15, 2004
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