Top Definition
1.) Attractive women with good fashion sense
2.) Attractive men addicted to sports
3.) Intelligent, humerous, beautiful, sweet, and friendly person
Aww! That boy is such a mintz!

Oh! She is a mintz no doubt!
by Queen Samantha May 14, 2007
to walk around 1) aimlessly 2) staring at those of the opposite gender
stop mintzing around and get your gemera, son
by shooter March 13, 2005
the almighty father of you.
<The-Rock> that is my house
<Mintzs> oh the cardboard shit house behind it.
<The-Rock> stfu, i am richer than you
by Mintzs March 29, 2003

To wander around: 1) aimlessly
2) Stare at girls

(ps - must be wearing glasses)
Stop mintzing around and get your gemera, son.
by Shooter March 08, 2005

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