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Scottish; When you feel embarrassed or ashamed.
Can't believe I fell off the bus, what a total minter!
by Shanicefghijk June 26, 2010
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Someone who uses Linux Mint operating system
First person:What operating system do you use?
Second person: Linux Mint
First person: Nice you're a minter!
by willxtreme December 28, 2009
Something that is in very good condition or of good quality
You should have bought that car I saw the other day, it was a minter!
by Slyer January 10, 2009
the same meaning as mint, only said with an emphasis on the 'ers' part of the word so you end up saying 'mintuurrrss'. It should sound like you have a very fake Yorkhire/North England accent.
'i got a few new sheep on the farm'
'ahhh minters'
by Ginge-o August 10, 2007
A girl who iz really mint, minter than fit
Phooar look at her, what a minter

Can also say minta
by Urban Dictionary UK December 29, 2005
One whom is the proud owner of a full head of hair, coloured any shade of Orange. Usually the proprietor also displays 'Auburn' hair in other hirsuit areas of the body.
"I bet you that Minter has a ginger minge."

"I always get picked last for the team; I bet it's 'coz i'm a Minter!"
by Silverspoon June 01, 2005
a minter is an embarcement.
that was a total minter when i fell infront of paris hilton
by shanice August 10, 2005

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