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2 definitions by Ginge-o

the same meaning as mint, only said with an emphasis on the 'ers' part of the word so you end up saying 'mintuurrrss'. It should sound like you have a very fake Yorkhire/North England accent.
'i got a few new sheep on the farm'
'ahhh minters'
by Ginge-o August 10, 2007
11 5
'Winnet' is a song by the infamous myspace girlband Deny Most Things. 'Winnet' describes a winnet as a'sturd'. Though the original lyrics state that winnet is actually a 'turd that sticks to your hair', vocalist Livvy had a minor ditherspaz of verbal disclexia and giggles at Vicky's obnoxious computer drumming and so 'winnet is a STURD' was born. The rest is history.
'winnet is a sturd that sticks to your hair.
it really isn't funny
and i think it's quite unfair
that winnet never get mentioned or sang about
so with you tonight
Deny Most Things
are gonna let it all hang out with WINNET!'
by Ginge-o January 05, 2008
33 34