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Named for the character Stuart Minkus of the television show "Boy Meets World," a minkus is a word to describe a particularly irritating and/or nerdy person.
With her new glasses, Barbara looked like quite a minkus.
by thefancyapple July 13, 2009
18 2

A Minkus is a very small, tan organism that has a unique skill set still to be discovered. The Minkus does not interact well with motor vehicles and has no ability to work on or operate them, some say cars are a Minkus' primary predator along with bigger stronger organisms that tend to "haze" the smaller more docile minkus. Strangely enough the Minkus idolizes the professional wrestler Triple H and tends to immolate his actions.

The Minkus has a very interesting reproductive cycle with an extremely short gestation period, this short gestation period allows the Minkus to birth numerous offspring annually which helps the species survive because over 80% percent die within the first 2 weeks after birth. The Minkus carries its offspring much like a marsupial in a pouch but strangely it also warms the Minklets at night like a mother hen does with it's chicks.
Minkus your so fucked.

Bend over and take this paddle Minkus.
by BloodyFace April 11, 2013
18 3
another word for a tweak or a hype.
man that guy is a minkus
by mr. beans567899000978 October 25, 2009
2 5
meanie not nice rude
stop being a soobin choi !
by kevin February 14, 2005
11 36