A game that kicks complete ass! But some people are Judgmental retards and judge the game by its graphics.
Hey! Have you heard of minecraft?

That game??? That game sucks!


Its graphics are terrible!

So what? Have you played it?


My point exactly!
by Spy_Round_Hear May 26, 2011
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A kick ass game that is being built slowly. The creator is notch, and he programs the game.
Person1: Hey.
Person2: Shut the fuck up! I'm playing Minecraft!
by Seelad June 09, 2010
Cheap and legal alternative to drugs. This shit will sap your life away.
A: Hey Tony, you wanna go to a party? There's booze and chicks an-

by Logdotzip November 10, 2010
The single most addicting game known to mankind. Unlike World of Warcraft and other MMORPGs, you pay about $20 for it and it's yours. Those who've broken a previous addiction can stumble upon this and start a new addiction very easily. This drug usually causes anti-sociality, fear of light, explodingpenisphobia, the fear of the exploding penis enemies (creepers), and occasionally having dreams only in blocks.
Bob: Dude, I had the weirdest dream last night.
Tim: What was it?
Bob: Everything was in blocks and this giant green exploding penis came up to me and blew me up, next thing I knew I pissed my bed and I was scared out of my fucking mind.
Tim: Have you been playing Minecraft lately?
Bob: Yeah.
Tim: Well there ya go.
by Juared January 04, 2011
A game where you can build anything with bricks
There are also different modes:
-Survival: A game where you have to dodge and kill numberious monsters
-Indev: Here you have to gain recrouces to build a fort, weapons and food (only avaialble if you buy the game)
-Free mode: build freely whatever you want with unlimited recources

You can also play online with it with user created servers
but in here you find tons of griefers if you dont protect your creations right
Creative builder: hey wtf what happened to my minecraft structure
Griefer: pwnd ya
Griefer has been banned.
Op: pwnd ya harder
by Spoon3r91 April 16, 2010
A suitable alternative to some illegal substance.
Person 1: Wanna come round me and do come crack?
Person 2: I kicked that for Minecraft.
Person 1: What the fuck is that?
Person 2: Just a ga- FUCK A CREEPER!
by Minecrafterererererer April 05, 2011
Minecraft is a game where when you play it once, u will never go outside or get excersize again. It is like a cheap drug in which you build and remove blocks to make awe inspiring structures.
Friend: Hey dude lets go to a party. Lots of hot chicks there.

You: What server is it on?

Friend: What? Server?

You: Minecraft party's have to b on servers!
by Mikeandike123456789 December 12, 2010
Minecraft is a sandbox game created by Markus Persson, a.k.a "Notch". It is inspired by many games, especially Infiniminer. It has over 400,000 registered players.

There are 6 modes:
Creative: makes you build anything you want, single-player and multiplayer
Survival: a very basic version of Indev, where you have to defend yourself from monsters
Indev: a version which added a number of new features, including crafting and more monsters
Infdev: same thing as Indev except this version added an infinite playing surface

Multiplayer is a part of Creative mode, which allows you to build with other players in servers.
Unfortunately, there are "griefers" that destroy creations including yours.
A survival multiplayer was created in August 2010, which allows players to play Indev with other players.
A typical Minecraft conversation when a griefer comes to a server:

coolguy10: supergriefer54674 is greifed my house!!!!1111
supergriefer54674: lololololololhahahah
supergriefer54674 is banned!
Builder8: Pwned.
by Somebody500 August 08, 2010

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