1: To be actively engaged in courting someone already engaged in a committed relationship.

2: To fool one self into believing that they are capable of wooing someone away from their significant other.
He's been millering around Susan for weeks. Everyone knows she's just mashing him along, but he's totally convinced that she's going to fall for him at any moment.
by Rickola August 31, 2013
Top Definition
Having different drinks in front of you at once.
Why do you have all of those drinks.
I have a white wine for the fish, a red for the steak, a champagne for the toast and I'm just finishing this beer.
Oh so you're Millering.
by Chooch July 09, 2013
To push, pursue, drive, or engage potential sales leads in an un-naturally persistent manner.

A sales style that incorporates tone of voice and mannerism of North-Midwestern guilt end resulting in new business.

Can be used as a noun or verb.
Finally closed that lead after a little millering!
by Itscoldinsummer August 27, 2014
Verb. The act of smoothly removing another male from conversation with a female that is found attractive. Normally done by silently creeping up behind the unsuspecting male and insinuating oneself into the conversation when the unwanted male is least suspecting it. When done properly both the original male and female don't realize the switch until several moments later. Usually the female does not object for she has already succombed to the insinuating male's Brute-Spice.
"So I'm at the dodge store talking to this stripper chick about her car, right? Well, a minute into our discussion I feel a slight breeze and get this feeling of vertigo. It feels like maybe five seconds go by before I regain my composure and what do I see? Freaking L.E. Cheetah swooped in and is millering this chick. Like a freaking ninja he cut me out of the picture. Jokes on him, I think the Brute-Spice got her pregnant."
by Smoove operator October 28, 2013
The act of wearing a highschool sweatshirt and going up to random people and sayings "It's a tradition".
Guy 1: there's dirt on your shoes
Guy 2: WOAH what's that on your shirt

Guy 1: it's a tradition
Guy 2: really millering that's getting old -__-
by hitache September 29, 2011
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